created, photographed and produced by: Christian von der Eltz    
Art Matters Stuff created by Christian von der Eltz
Values for your life.
Art Matters Stuff is timeless Portrait-, Documentation- and Reportage- Photography, mostly in black white, printed on paper. During the last 30 years Christian von der Eltz developed an own philosophy and style. Photography ask for relevance and Photographs need a touching impact. Otherwise we talk just only about inflationary pictures. The Art Matters Frame Print Shoot is focussed on portraits, they show personality, character, authenticity, heart and soul. That requires finally for empathy and life experience, combined with high composing skills and „words“ we have also to find in  Photography. But this is just only one step to create Art Matters Stuff. Printed on paper and framed or as a small collection of Photographs setted aside in a „secret box“ it will become something special. Namely values for your life and a heritage for further generations.
P h o t o g r a  p h y
Framed         Jazz Artist Portrait Collection  60 x 80 cm    58 frames..Not for sales.                     Gallery and Exhibition Artwork
Documentation Reportage
Gallery and Interior Artwork
Cultural lifestyle accessory.
Note Card Photo Gallery
Event Job and Gallery Big Print
Books & Master Pieces
N e w
Hand writing culture
Portraits and Master Pieces
04.08.2017/11:30 AM Nanjing West Road Bus Stop, Shanghai A 60 second story
photographed by: Christian von der Eltz © ¬Reduced…and focussed…and…intensive.¬
T o u c h i n g   Story…
I saw him, but he did not see me. I took the first Photograph.
A first exiting eye contact…
So exciting, that he catches up his friend. It was a very intensive and mystic meet.
Just 60 seconds and the bus left. I could see the sadness and frustration. Perhaps one of my most important Photographs ever. I will never forget that.
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Aside our quality frame productions we offer the Art Matters Master Piece, a unique book production. Designed and created by Christian von der Eltz. 40 percent handmade with glass cover and glass spine. Standard with 10 double pages up to 20 double pages max. This book comply highest  Gallery Standards. There are not so many people in the world they own one. A industrial production and running distribution is excluded.  Precondition is relevance and a photo- and copy creative concept for 10 or 20 double pages. Limited edition. Contact and request.
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